The WREN bid

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Tomorrow is a big day – the day we find out whether we have won our bid for funding from WREN for renewing the play area at the Loughton sports ground.

If we are successful then the £80k we will have available will mean we will be able to go ahead with the fantastic design that Philip Snell of Milton Keynes Council has designed, and hopefully it will be in place perhaps by Easter next year – to replace the old and decaying play area we now have there. The Loughton play areas are nearly all in pretty poor shape after very little investment and attention in recent years.

I am extremely excited and nervous, as so much effort has been put into this. If it doesn’t come off, I will be so disappointed and depressed. Philip Snell seems confident, so I am trusting in that!

I will update with news on the outcome soon!



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  1. I contacted WREN today to find out the outcome – frustratingly to be told that although it has been decided I now have to wait 7-10 days to be told and the info can’t be given out over the phone! 🙁

  2. Amazing! Don’t you love bureaucracy?
    And frustrating. Hope the answer makes a good Christmas present.

    1. So frustrating to know that a decision has been taken but we have to wait for a letter to arrive! Grrrrrr! Hopefully only another week at the most before we finally know

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