The Parish Play Areas

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The parish has 6 childrens’ play areas in Loughton and 3 in Great Holm.

I recently discovered that a Digley Associates have been employed by Milton Keynes Council to audit the play areas in the parish and were kind enough to send to me their audits of :-

Loughton Assets

Great Holm Assets

These audits are tremendously helpful to the parish in planning a strategy to keep the play areas in a good state. Whilst Great Holm doesn’t have many areas, 2 out of the 3 of the areas are in very good condition. Only the site opposite 78 Petworth needs attention. One of the pieces of equipment has now been removed and the whole area will need renewal within 3 years. I visited the site recently and thought the time has probably come now for the site to be renewed, it doesn’t look great at all and needs renewal and investment.

In Loughton the position is not at all good. Four out of six of the areas need renewal and investment now. The whole site of the south side of the sports ground is more than a year beyond the end of its life and needs investment. Strictly speaking it should really be taken out of use. Other sites need work too.

The Parish Council will be discussing this issue at its next meeting on Monday 20th February 2012 at 7.30pm at Great Holm Community Centre to determining what action should be taken to address this issue




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