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I took this photo while out and about the parish on Sunday 2nd December 2012 at about 3.24pm in the car park of Lodge Lake. This is a Parish litter bin which is surrounded by litter. You will observe that the bin is not full to the top as you cannot see any litter sitting at the top of the bin. I previously raised the untidy state of this bin with the Parks Trust – who own the land at Lodge Lake including this car park only a few weeks ago. Things seem to improve for a while, but now they have deteriorated again. I have now raised it with them again and they have suggested perhaps “local wildlife (crows & foxes)” have been removing the items from the bin. They have promised to look at it again.

The bin is emptied twice a week by the Parish contractor and we have thought about a more regular collection but this would be expensive for only one bin.

This is quite frustrating! So I thought I would blog about it to see if I could crowd source a solution? Or maybe I am the only person bothered…..



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  1. Bin with spring-shut lid? Or at least some lid. We had problems with the council provided food waste bin being opened – it’s outside our back door – but turning it so the opening flap touched a wall has stopped it being ransacked. I guess we should just be happy we don’t have bears here that maraud the rubbish.

    1. Thanks! Might see if that will work!

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