Visit to Shenley Church End Parish Council

the cartshedAnother 9am meeting today with Councillor Kirkman. This time we were meeting Stuart Nightingale (Chairman) and Ray Merrin (Vice Chairman) of Shenley Church End Parish Council (“SCEPC”). The meeting took place in their brand new parish offices (pictured), known as “The Cartshed”. The building had been opened recently. It is situated within the SCE conservation area close to the church.

The primary topic of discussion was the work they had done on an Emergency Plan. SCEPC formulated an Emergency Plan in 2010 and Loughton Parish Council are investigating doing the same. It was extremely useful to see their written plan and to look at the kit they have for Councillors.

The plan contains useful information as to available local resources for tackling a civil emergency situation such as a major plane crash, flood, outbreak of disease etc. It also contains useful contact telephone numbers and guidelines for responding to different types of emergency and a risk assessment of the likely effects of different types of emergency and how to respond effectively.

The Emergency Planning “kit” consists of

  1. a small bag which contains;
  2. a blue high vis jacket with “Shenley Church End Parish Council” printed on the back, for wearing at the scene of an incident for identification/differentiation from other emergency services
  3. a wind up torch
  4. a walkie talkie (for communication at the scene), with spare batteries
  5. an A-Z map of Milton Keynes
  6. a note book, pen and pencil
  7. a laminated list of contact information
  8. laminated ID badges identifying the wearer as a Parish official, with a lanyard to wear it around the neck
  9. an A5 size copy of the emergency plan

The kit had been offered to SCEPC and all had agreed to keep the kit so as to be able to use it if necessary as part of an emergency local response.

A “walk-through” response  to an emergency event had been held in 2010 to discuss a scenario and how an event would be responded to.

Overall, this was an extremely useful discussion to see what SCEPC had done and to help formulate a similar response plan for Loughton Parish Council. For this – watch this space. It will also be interesting to see if we can develop some coordination with SCEPC to help pool parish resources when this would be helpful.

It was also useful to discuss many other issues both parishes have to deal with. These ranged from the contracting arrangements for dog hygiene bins, membership of Buckinghamshire Association of Local Councils, local planning issues and the Neighbourhood Development plan, the precept, and dealing the Milton Keynes Council.

Their new offices are extremely impressive and give an impression of an extremely well-run local parish council