Parish Council discussions with Milton Keynes Council re the Loughton Sports and Social Club premises and sports ground

Councillor Kirkman and I were at Saxon House this morning to meet with representatives from Milton Keynes Council leisure department to discuss the ownership of the Loughton Sports and Social Club premises and sports ground.

It seems that there have been discussions between the Parish and the unitary authority about the ownership of the premises being transfered to the Parish for over 10 years but for some reason nothing has actually happened.

The Council is now about to launch a large asset transfer pursuant to the Localism Act 2011. This transfer has been pencilled into “tranche 1” which is after 5 pilot transfers and could be scheduled for as early as June 2012.

It appears that the Act has procedures which require the transfer to be offered onto the “market” although it is difficult to see who else but the Parish would be willing to take this on.

Another meeting has been fixed for 2 weeks to discuss the matter further. If this transfer does proceed, then the Parish will be able to manage the premises more effectively to ensure that it is kept in good repair and developed and kept up to date. Unfortunately under the ownership of Milton Keynes Council there has been a lack of investment in the facility, and the premises now needs development. Watch this space…