Planning Application at the Badminton Centre site

Residents should be aware that a major planning application has been submitted to MK Council and is now at the public consultation stage. Local residents now have an opportunity to have their say on the proposals by 6th March 2013. This date is the official last date for representations although the planning officer in the case has advised that any representations received up until the date of the committee hearing (likely to be 29th April 2013) will be taken into account.

The application

The application seeks planning permission to build 104 new residential houses along Bradwell Road from the H4 Dansteed Way all the way along to the H5 Portway. The land to be developed is the current site of the Badminton Centre and the wide green corridor north of Bradwell Road running along to the H4 which is currently open space.

The permission sought is to

  • Demolish the beautiful early 19th century stone barn from Loughton Lodge Farm, which has fine wooden beams and is a significant heritage asset
  • Build a new estate road entrance opposite the Guides Centre which emerges close to the junction with the H4; and
  • Build 24 flats in two large 3–storey blocks; and
  • Build 28 semi-detached houses; and
  • Build 52 detached houses

Follow this link to view the new proposed site plan

Pros and cons

Residents will have to make up their own minds on whether this application will benefit the area. If permission was granted, the development will generate funds for the Badminton Centre to develop a new Badminton Sports facility at the National Bowl.

In addition, the Badminton Centre have offered to give the land and buildings of Loughton Lodge farmhouse to Loughton Parish Council to use as offices and community meeting space. The Parish Council would have to fund the renovation and adaption of the building.

The Parish Council has a number of key concerns with the proposal :-

  • The setting of Lodge Lake – a major centre for recreation for local people in running, walking and fishing and an area of special environmental sensitivity –  will be significantly impacted and urbanised.
  • The size and density of the proposed development is inappropriate for the site
  • The MK Local Plan 2005 provided for less than 20 additional dwellings in the local area – and more than that number have already since been given permission
  • The open land is part of the green corridor when entering Milton Keynes from the west and is an integral part of the city’s design.
  • There is huge pressure to develop the area close to MK Central Rail Station and applications for permission are now continual on every remaining open space in the area. The character of the area is strongly associated with the open spaces that remain and which are now threatened by development
  • The density of the development and the size of the houses will generate a huge amount of extra traffic and parking, which will obstruct Bradwell Rd and impact the area.
  • The height of the development will breach MK’s level skyline design and will dominate Lodge Lake
  • The proposal intends to leave the junction of H4 and Bradwell Road unchanged, despite the impact of all the additional traffic from the western expansion area which will make H4 a major traffic route into the City Centre. The junction should be made left turn only or better still, to incorporate a new roundabout
  • It is likely Lodge Lake car park will be swamped by residents and visitors to the new development
  • There is insufficient provision for children’s play facilities in the new development and the proposal to develop a new children’s play area at Lodge Lake will change the natural setting of the Lake
  • 17 dwellings will have direct vehicular access into Bradwell Rd, causing a hazard to traffic entering or exiting H4. There are already collisions at this junction.

It will be for local residents to weigh up the benefits achieved against the impact of the development and to decide whether the application is in the overall benefit of our local area. Your views on this are important.

How to submit representations

You can submit representations by email to the responsible planning officer  quoting the planning application reference 13/00266/OUT and by making clear you wish to submit representations on this planning application.

Alternatively you can submit comments via the public access system in the MK Planning portal (but registration required)

Residents are advised to have their say on the proposal. The number of representations made is important and will be taken into account.