Meeting at the Badminton Centre

After my meeting with the MK Play Association earlier today, i went on to a meeting at the Badminton centre to discuss the very large proposed residential development with their project architect, Peter Emptage.

We looked at their proposals. They currently plan to keep Loughton lodge farmhouse which whilst not listed is a fine building on 3 storeys. The current plan for this is for it to be converted back into a house and sold as a house.

We also looked at the old barn. This is an early 19th century stone barn, the upstairs of which is currently used as a restaurant. It is a beatiful building with lovely wooden beams inside. It is so full of character.

The current plans are for this barn to be completely demolished to make way for the newbuild residential development.

I am rather disappointed with the MK Council Conservation department. It simply can’t be right that this beautiful old building is destroyed. There is potential for the barn to be a community facility/meeting place which would be of huge potential benefit to the community. It also would preserve the heritage of the site and would bring interest and character, if it was to be retained.

I’m not sure the current development proposal has been thought through in this respect and I can see there is potential for a large battle over this development proposal. I understand outline planning consent will be applied for on Monday of next week. The speed at which these plans have been developed is quite extraordinary. I hope the right thing will be done in the end. Otherwise the whole development proposal could be thrown out, I suspect.