Precept leaflet for 2014-15

Shortly, MK Council will be sending out Council tax bills to all households within the borough.

Residents of Loughton & Great Holm will be receiving with the bills our Precept leaflet for 2014-15. This provides important information for residents about the finance, membership and work of the Parish Council.

For those of you who just can’t wait, a web-friendly low-res version of the leaflet is available via the link below.

Precept leaflet 2014-5



Precept Leaflet 2013-3014

Council tax bills will be sent by post by MK Council to all dwellings in the Parish in February/March 2013.

You can see the leaflet produced by Loughton Parish Council which will accompany the bills by following the link below

Precept Leaflet 2013 2014