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Zoe Nolan

Parish Council Chair

Cllr Zoe Nolan , Chair of the Parish Council, was first elected to the Parish following a by-election in July 2013 and has served continuously ever since. She was elected as a Milton Keynes Borough / City Councillor for Loughton and Shenley Ward in 2014, and from 2016 she served on the Cabinet with responsibility for Children and Families. including schools and children in care, until May 2024.

She came to live in the the Parish in 1992, with her husband Paul and their young family. Their children attended local play groups and schools. In 2017 Zoe retired from the NHS where she was a consultant Psychologist working with teams and families in the Midlands. She lives in Great Holm with her husband who is retired and is a school governor.

Zoe was drawn into local politics when defending our open spaces. She successfully opposed building plans at the edge of Lodge Lake and provided evidence and spoke out for the establishment of a permanent village green in Great Holm. Like many residents she enjoys the Loughton Valley Park, walking her dog or cycling here most days. She continues to work hard to enhance our enjoyment of our lovely area.

Zoe is committed to building on the work of the Parish Council, communicating more with people living and working in the Parish. Additionally, as a past experienced Milton Keynes City Councillor she is able to work effectively between the Parish and Milton Keynes City Council to get the best for our residents. She is keen to engage all residents in the politics of local issues so their views are always taken into account. She led the campaign to stop the closure of Great Holm Fire Station and has been active in the successful refurbishment of many of the playparks in our area, and worked to ensure they were all grant funded rather than totally funded by the Parish Council.

Zoe is excited to be your Councillor in the area she lives and loves and welcomes contact and feedback about your concerns and what you want to see the Parish Council working on in the future.

To view Zoe’s register of members’ interests click here