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Time for a nappy change? Forget terry squares, these days modern washable nappies are close-fitting, easy to use with velcro and poppers, no pins, no soaking and come in beautiful colours and prints. Just flush the poop down the toilet and place the nappies in the washing machine – easy! With an average baby getting through 4,000 disposable nappies, these reusable nappies are great for the environment and are cost effective too. Lockdown has given many of us time to think and reflect about our lives and our impact on the planet. There has been a huge shift away from using disposable nappies in the last few months, with more and more new parents choosing washable cloth nappies, also known as real nappies – so much so that many suppliers have been struggling to keep up with orders! There are four basic types of real nappies: • Pre-folds are flat nappies that need minimal folding before use • Shaped nappies are sewn into position, so no folding is required • Stuffable/pocket nappies consist of a wrap with a built-in pocket where the nappy is inserted • All-in-one nappies have the nappy and wrap sewn together “I decided to use reusable nappies when making a conscious effort to reduce our household waste; I hated the idea of such a huge unnecessary contribution to landfill. I could not believe how beautiful they were with lots of lovely prints; I was also impressed with how slim fitting and absorbent they are.” MK mum Kerry and baby Riley. Visit our webpage to find out more about the cost savings, read MK parents reviews and watch our on-line tutorials to see how to fit and do a real nappy change


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