Milton Keynes Play Association Summer Play Sessions 2014

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Loughton & Great Holm Parish Council provided funding to run 12 sessions at 2 different locations over the course of the summer.

This summer, sessions ran with several activities; arts, crafts, sports, games and inflatables. Teams were also equipped for face painting, which could be tied in with the craft theme.

Art and craft activities were popular at both venues, with the younger children particularly keen to take part. Not only did the children make nice individual items to take home at each session, but they often took the chance to get involved with larger group efforts, producing some lovely pieces of work, which are now being displayed in the Milton Keynes Play Association’s Resource Unit.

Craft themes included: Pirates, Under the Sea, Robots and Jungle Fun.
Activities such as kite making and face painting were very well-received, and sports were as popular as ever; football and cricket again being requested at almost every busy session.

For further details on all the summer play sessions you can access their report by clicking on the link below.

Milton Keynes Play Association Summer Play Schemes Report




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