Milton Keynes Council’s Approach to Community Asset Transfers

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Milton Keynes Council will be consulting on the toolkitMilton Keynes Council’s Approach to Community Asset Transfer (CAT) between 31st January 2012 and 24th April 2012 in tandem with running a pilot of five community asset transfers, in order to test the validity of this approach.

Purpose of the consultation:

  • To inform key partners what CAT is all about and the reasons for undertaking such a programme.
  • To ensure there is an opportunity for all community partners who have an interest in asset transfer to provide feedback on the Toolkit: MKC’s approach to CAT through various media communications and refine it where necessary to improve the transfer process.
  • That the aims of CAT have been understood.

All comments should be received by the council by 5.15pm on Tuesday 24th April 2012 comments can be sent either by post, by email or online.

For more information about this consultation and the Community Asset Transfer Programme visit :



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