Members and officers

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Loughton & Great Holm Parish Council consists of 10 elected Councillors::

Councillor Peter Todd, Chairman Loughton
Councillor Andy Dransfield Loughton
Councillor Hilary Dyer Great Holm
Councillor Sandra Boland Great Holm
Councillor Peter Ballantyne Great Holm
Councillor John Howe Loughton
Councillor Thomas Gray Great Holm
Councillor Zoe Nolan      Loughton
Councillor Claire Jones Loughton
Councillor Andy Sargent Loughton


Elections are held every 4 years and the next elections will be held in May 2019.

There is information on the MK Council website in the “Parish Toolkit” on Parish governance and the role and functions of Parish Councillors and the Parish Clerk.



The Parish Clerk is Bev Field
PO Box 3727,
MK16 6DH

Mobile 0759 123 6263