Meeting of the Jubilee Graveyard Management Committee

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Sunday 3rd February saw another meeting of the management committee for the new Jubilee graveyard. The committee is a joint committee of All Saints Church and Loughton Parish Council.

The new graveyard has a capacity of 170 burial plots and 190 plots for interment of ashes.

The Church congregation has decided to rebuild the fallen-down between the old graveyard and the new graveyard (with a grant from the Parish Council)

The contractor employed by the Church should be starting back on site again during the week commencing 11th February. The first priority is the wall. Works will of course be weather dependent but hopefully all the works will be done by the beginning of April. The grass can be sown in March or April and hopefully by June it will be ready to open.

In addition we decided to accept commemorative plaques to be affixed to the wall. These will be a prescribed size of 305mm by 225mm and be made of engraved slate. It will be another option for remembrance, and also be available for someone who otherwise wouldn’t qualify to be buried or have their ashes interred in the graveyard – as only church members and residents of the civil parish qualify for that.

It was pleasing to hear that 2 burial plots have already been sold. That means 168 remain. I suspect that once people see the new graveyard there will be more people interested in purchasing a plot while stocks last!.



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