Loughton Parish Council launches new .gov domain

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Loughton Parish Council has today launched a new .gov internet domain.

Up to now the Parish has used a .org web address www.loughtonpc.org.uk

However the more appropriate domain for a Parish Council is .gov as it signifies that the Council is a tier of local government, rather than a club or society. The .gov domain is protected and limited only to local and central government.

According to the .gov domain rules, the correct format for a parish council web domain is to end “-pc.gov.uk” to signify the organisation is a parish Council.

To avoid any possible confusion with Loughton in Essex, Loughton Parish Council has adopted the domain www.loughtonandgreatholm-pc.gov.uk. The Loughton Parish Council website is now live at that address.

Email addresses for members of the Parish Council are based on the format firstname.lastname@loughtonandgreatholm-pc.gov.uk

Loughton Parish Council’s twitter presence will remain @LoughtonPC

There remains a common misconception amongst some, that Parish Councils are somehow related to the church. This is perhaps not surprising as Loughton Parish Council did exist as an ecclesiatical institution for hundreds of years prior to local government reforms in the 1970s, and as a result of which it became a civic and fully democratic institution. 

The Localism Act 2011 seeks to decentralise power and pass delivery of services to local level. Loughton Parish Council may be asked to deliver more services in future and take over services and local assets from Milton Keynes Council. An asset transfer process is currently underway.

It is hoped that the new domain will help the Parish Council communicate with local residents more clearly as to its role in civic society as the tier of local government closest to local people and regarding the services it provides.


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