Less is more launch in Loughton, Monday 27th January 2014

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On Monday 27th January 2014, at 7.30pm, I attended the launch of the “Less is more”  pilot project, at the Loughton Memorial Hall.

This project began on 20th January and will run until 7th December 2014.

The aim of the project is to explore ways to reduce the increase in electricity demand, especially at peak times.

Electricity sub-stations have to be able to manage the peak demand – which is generally at about 6-7pm in the evening when most people are home from work, switching on the lights and consuming the most electricity. At the moment, about every 8 years, sub-stations have to be re-engineered to upgrade components to handle an ever greater amount of consumption. This costs about £20k per sub-station – a cost which all consumers have to bear.

There can hardly be an electricity bill-payer in the country who has not noticed just how much electricity costs have risen.

So the aim of the project is to find ways that we can reduce demand and spread the demand across the day so that the expensive upgrade is no longer required.

As an incentive, local areas can generate up to £5k for good causes in their local areas.

Loughton has been chosen as one of 10 pilot areas.

Residents of the following streets may be eligible to take part in the project :-

    • Linceslade Grove
    • Redland Drive
    • School Lane
    • Pitcher Lane
    • Weldon Rise
    • Leys Road
    • Kirkham Court
    • Catesby Croft
    • Common Lane
    • Pinks Close
    • Hugh Parke Close
    • Foxley Place

For more information please look at www.lessismore.org.uk and/or contact me at chairman@loughtonandgreatholm-pc.gov.uk

Residents taking part in the project can get a free electricity monitor, can get a free thermal imaging test on their home (to look at insulation issues), and get information about how they can reduce their consumption and save money.

I’m grateful to the National Energy Foundation (located within the Parish at Knowlhill) for their work on this project, and wish it success


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