Joyce Ballantyne steps down as Parish Councillor

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Joyce Ballantyne has sadly decided to step down as a Parish Councillor.

She served for a number of years as a Great Holm resident and is a well liked and respected member of the Parish Council.

Commenting on her departure, Parish Council Chairman Peter Todd said :-

“I am very sorry to hear that Joyce has decided to step down. She has been a very positive and supportive member of the Council and a great colleague to work with. We will miss her input into the affairs of the Parish Council very much. I would like to thank her for her hard work and for the years of voluntary service she has given for the benefit of the community”.

A Notice of Vacancy will be advertised shortly. Thereafter, residents have 14 days to submit a request for an election signed by at least 10 electors. If no request is made, the Parish Council will then proceed to consider whether to co-opt an additional member.

The Parish Council has up to 10 members and by convention has maintained a balance of 5 members from Loughton and 5 from Great Holm – so if there is to be a co-option replacement it is likely the member would be a resident of Great Holm


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