Halloween guidelines from TVP (Thames Valley Police):

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“In line with the ‘Rule of Six’ legislation, people will NOT be able to hold Halloween parties and trick or treating is unadvisable therefore we have offered an alternative solution so that your children aren’t missing out this year but are still able to remain safe.

An alternative approach suggested for parents draws on the rainbow challenge which proved so popular in the spring.

People who wish to be involved in Halloween can display pumpkins or pictures of the vegetable in their windows in the run-up to October 31.

Parents/guardians can then take a walk around their local area with their dressed-up children and try to spot them and for each pumpkin or decoration spotted, offer the child a treat in return.

We urge parents of older children to talk to them about why it’s advised they don’t take part in trick or treating this year and to respect a resident’s decision if they choose not to take part. Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable and additional police patrols will be taking place during the Halloween period.”


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