H6 Childs Way gap closure (Knowl Gate/Ashpole Furlong)

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Re: H6 Childs Way gap closures (Knowl Gate/Ashpole Furlong, Loughton)

MKC will be carrying out works to close the gaps from H6 Childs Way into Ashpole Furlong and Knowl Gate, Loughton from 4 January 2021. The works should take around eight weeks to complete and will be carried out by Ringway.

This is to improve road safety here due to the high number of accidents that have occurred at these locations on the H6 Childs Way.

The works will take place from 9:30am until 4:30pm Monday to Friday on a section of H6 Childs Way between V4 Watling Street and V6 Grafton Street.

To provide a safe working area it will be necessary to:

  • Close one lane (24 hour) on both sides of the H6 Childs Way
  • Temporarily close Ashpole Furlong and Knowl Gate to finish off work (late Jan/early Feb)

All road works, road closures and diversions for MK can be viewed online at one.network


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