Great Holm Community Centre

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gt holm front

Today I attended a meeting at MK Council to talk about the future of the Great Holm Community Centre.

MK Council had placed this property into their capital asset transfer programme. This attracted no expressions of interest, save from Loughton Parish Council’s possible interest.

The premises were built in the late 1980s. They were leased by MK Council to Great Holm Community Centre Limited (“GHCCL”) which is a registered charity and has three Directors/Trustees. It appears this lease expired in 2007 and nothing has been done since. The company does not appear to be paying any rent and in fact MK Council is supporting the company with grants. In 2012 the grant support was £11,750. There is a significant possibility that this grant may be withdrawn at some stage in the future.

gt holm sign

Recently the sign outside needed to be replaced so we replaced the sign as you can see in the photo on the left. Although Loughton Parish Council is mentioned on the sign we do not at present have any interest or right in the premises.

We are keen however to secure the premises for future use and it would be a great shame if the grant was withdrawn and the premises had to close as a result.

At the meeting today we explored all the options that might exist for the property. I am concerned that the premises seem rather run down and could do with an overhaul to bring them up to a good standard. I imagine this building was built by the estate developer as part of their s.106 obligations. The building is functional but not at all attractive. I do not think it is a fitting public space for the area. However it may be that this is all that resources allow and we have to work with what we have.

I am going to speak to Jonathan Robinson at MK Council who deals in the s.106 agreements to see if he has any way of producing the necessary funds via this method to revitalise and overhaul the building. I enquired whether a commuted sum might be available to discharge the future grant liability – I had in mind perhaps £50k. Unfortunately there is no budget in the capital transfer process so I will have to make enquiries of the Communities Facilities Unit to see if there is any possibility of a grant bid there.

gt holm premises

The premises generated letting income of about £9.5k last year and had salary outgoings of £10.5k on the caretaker and cleaning. The grant of £11.75k seems to have been spent on some internal refurbishments.

I think it would be useful to perhaps get expert advice from a surveyor and/or architect on the condition of the property and to make a plan for what should be done with it.

We will have to also maintain a dialogue with the trustees of GHCCL and work together to make sure this important public asset of Great Holm is preserved and enhanced.



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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I write to inquire the cost of renting a room at the Community Centre?

  2. Hi, I am setting up a karate class in Milton Keynes and would like to confirm prices for the community centre and if you have any vacancies at evenings or weekends.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Sam

      I will email you directly with the contact details of the Key holder, as the Parish Council does not directly run the Great Holm Community Centre.

      Kind Regards

      Brian Barton
      Parish Clerk

  3. Hi, I would like to book a birthday party from my son. I have tried to email the address provided but it keeps saying message failure. Does anyone have a contact number I can call ASAP please. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Kathryn

      I will email to you a name and telephone number for you.

      Kind Regards

      Brian Barton
      Parish Clerk

  4. Can you email me contact details to find cost of hiring the centre and the availablility etc.

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Nicolas

      I will email you the contact details shortly.

      Kind Regards

      Brian Barton
      Parish Clerk

  5. Hi

    Who do I contact for details about the hire of the community centre.

    Many Thanks

  6. Hello,
    please could you email me contact detail for the person I could make a booking for this community hall?

    Kind Regards


  7. I am looking to hire the hall if possible. COuld you please email me contact details of the key holder or somebody I can speak with. Thanks

    1. Hi Jack

      You can access the contact details of the key holders for both Meeting Places by clicking on the Amenities Tab and select Community Halls.

      Kind Regards

      Brian Barton – Parish Clerk

  8. Does anyone know who I can contact to hire the Community Centre in Great Holm?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Tricia

      Please contact Teresa Cridland the Bookings Clerk on 07837642910.

      Kind Regards

      Brian Barton
      Parish Clerk

  9. How many people does the hall seat?

    1. Hi Shanice

      I am not sure, but if you contact the Great Holm Community Centre, they should be able to tell you.

      Kind Regards

      Brian Barton
      Parish Clerk

  10. Hi, I’m looking at possibly hireing the GT Holm hall for three weeks in 2016 school holidays, please could you send me pricing and availability please. Thanks Pen x

  11. Hello I would like to enquire about hiring the hall please

    1. Loughton and Great Holm Parish Council has recently taken ownership of the Community Centre. The Parish Council is pleased to be able to ensure that the Community Centre will continue to be a facility for the residents of Loughton and Great Holm.

      Over the coming months the Parish Council will be investing in the Community Centre, refurbishing it to make it a good standard for all the community groups and residents to enjoy.

      All the groups who currently use the hall will be able to continue as usual.

      We are sorry that we have temporarily suspended one off bookings, so we can carry out the refurbishment as quickly as possible and bring in a new booking system. We apologise for any difficulties this will cause you.

      For further information please contact the Parish Clerk on 0759 123 6263

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