Future Use of the Pavilion and Sports Ground Facility in Loughton

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The Parish Council is currently considering ideas and proposals for the future use of the facilities at Loughton Pavilion and Sports Ground.

Ideas: Residents are invited to submit their ideas and suggestions with as much detail as possible on the type of activity, use, organisation, funding and who would be involved to the Parish Clerk by Friday 05/10/18.

Proposals: written proposals for the use of the facilities with a management and business plan including a budget should be submitted to the Parish Clerk by Friday 05/10/18.
Proposers will be invited to make a short verbal presentation on 11/10/18 (details to follow).

Contact Bev Field (Parish Clerk) at:

POBox 3727, Olney, Bucks MK16 6DH


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  1. Dear Bev,

    I had no idea that this form / opportunity existed. When I met you, at that site (which must have been back in September), I mentioned all sorts of good ideas. Why did you not tell me about this opportunity to air them? I feel I have missed the boat now.

    I live almost ‘next door’ and I would dearly like to be involved in future plans.

    Miriam Selwyn

    1. Dear Miriam,
      The Parish Council put this notice on the website, Facebook, e-mail and on all the Parish Council notice boards. When I spoke to any resident, including you, I made a note of their views and encouraged people to make a submission. I made a report to the Premises Committee about the informal feedback I had received, as well as the ideas and proposals I was sent. If you would like to e-mail your ideas to me I am happy to circulate them to the Councillors.
      The next meeting of the Parish Council is on 19/11/18 and recommendations from the Premises Committee will be considered then. The Parish Council is aiming for the maximum benefit to the community with the best combination for sports and community use, in which I hope that you and many other motivated residents will be able to get involved with and enjoy.

  2. (It would have been a good idea to post leaflets through local doors / or use the Loughton Residents’ Assn pamphlet)

    1. Thank you, these are really good ideas which I hope we can use in the future.

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