Further meeting for the Conservation Area Review

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view of church from whitworth laneOn Friday 21st December 2012, Councillor Kirkman and I met with Peter Howard to review progress with the Conservation Area Review.

We had hoped to have full comments from MK Council on the draft but unfortunately at this stage we only had a partial response. We are awaiting MK Council’s proposed amendments to the future manaagement section of the document. This is perhaps the most interesting part – and it remains to be seen whether they will oppose the suggestion of an Article 4(2) direction, withdrawing the permitted development rights within the Conservation Area.

The review of the boundaries doesn’t seem to be an issue. We discussed the next stages including in particular the practical arrangements for consultation. It appears that the process will continue until next summer. The approximate timeline at this stage is that we would hope to have a final document to consult with by mid_February 2013. If we launch a consultation¬† at the beginning of March and allow 6 weeks for that we are up to mid April. Then we will have to review the response, and finalise the document by say mid May and then we will apply to MK Council to formally adopt it. This is likely to take a couple of months, so hopefully by the end of the summer the process could complete and the new Conservation Area Statement will be formally adopted.


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