Frontier Estates and Sainsbury’s, Shenley Church End – construction update

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Please see below a copy of a letter issued today from Frontier Estates and Sainsbury’s to local residents and businesses regarding the ongoing construction works for the new foodstore in Shenley Church End.

Dear Resident

Construction update on new Sainsbury’s store in Shenley Church End

We are writing to provide you with an update on the construction of the new Sainsbury’s store in Shenley Church End.

Since we last wrote to you in August, our contractors have completed the initial ground works, the erection of the steel frame for the new store and the majority of the roof. Installation of the wall cladding has now commenced.

As part of the construction of the store, there will also be new landscape planting around the perimeter of the site. This includes new semi-mature tree planting along the rear boundary with Lowndes Grove and fronting Watling Street.

Alongside the construction of the new store, there are also works on the highway which have also now begun. This includes works to:

Upgrade the existing traffic light junction from Burchard Crescent to Watling Street.

Widen Burchard Crescent to create a new right turn access into the store’s service yard.

Create a new zebra crossing to provide a pedestrian link between the local centre and the new store.

These highway works are planned to be completed early in the New Year.

To avoid any potential disruption over Christmas, construction has been phased to avoid working over the Christmas holidays. The contractors will therefore cease works at the end of 23 December 2013 and re-commence on 2 January 2014.

Once the store shell and the highway works have been completed, the building will be fitted out in spring 2014, prior to its planned opening next summer. The new store will offer a wide selection of food and groceries, including a selection of fresh food counters.

We hope you find this update letter helpful. However, should you require any additional information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact William Wood or Paul Vicary at GKA, our community representatives, on 0845 603 7103 or email

Yours sincerely

Damian Wood
Development Director, Frontier Estates

Tim Watkins
Regional Development Executive, Sainsbury’s


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  1. Can you tell me what will happen to the current Sainsbury Store in Shenley Church End when the new one has opened.

    Kind regards

    Marian Wright
    Great Holm resident

    1. Hi Marion
      I assume the current store will be closed and the unit sub-let. The Parks Trust are the freeholders and would be able to confirm either way. Hope this helps!

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