Floods & gritting update from MK Council

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Over the weekend, Milton Keynes Council teams have been working closely with Thames Valley Police and Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, as well as with the Environment Agency, to co-ordinate proactive flood management actions and get necessary help to those who need it.


Duty officers (Transport and Neighbourhood Services) were on call over the weekend.  Teams from Transport, Neighbourhood Management, Highways Maintenance, and Emergency Planning have been involved.  


The following actions have taken place over the weekend:


  1. Maintenance teams proactively managed 15 flood or flood risk incidents, mostly in rural locations.  Several roads were closed in Newport Pagnell and Olney; most roads are now open.  
  2. Flood and road closure signage were put in place at each location.  The team monitors conditions continually and roads are reopened/signs removed as soon as it is safe to do so.
  3. River levels were high.  Only two properties were at risk of flooding – all other flood risk sites were in rural areas and led to road closures as a precaution against water running off fields.
  4. Teams working through the weekend communicated with residents in flood risk areas, supplying sandbags where needed. The out of hours control centre gave advice.


 Action still under way:


  1. Teams will continue to work closely together and updates will be provided to Ward Members and Parishes.
  2. Review all flood risk areas and road closures.
  3. Follow up communications to home owners in key flood risk areas to advise them of future preventative steps that they can take.
  4. A joint agency media statement will be issued today asking the public to take particular care when travelling, to observe road closures, and warning about expected icy conditions (as below).


Please note:  The temperature is expected to drop sharply from Wednesday (-3).  Gritting salt is most effective when several layers have built up.  The excessive rain has washed away some of the built-up layers and water will continue to run from fields onto roads and wash more away.


MK Council say they are well prepared for this eventuality, with additional spot gritting (heavy targeted salting) planned for areas with standing water and a gritter on standby to keep people safe and moving as far as is possible.  If required, rural areas will receive gritting on priority 2 routes as well as priority 1 main routes.


However, as salt levels are being built up, they are asking drivers to take particular care and to remember that the roads may be icier than usual because of this, especially in rural areas.





Residents can contact MK Council’s Environmental Services Helpline on 01908 252811 or via email envservices@milton-keynes.gov.uk.



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  1. Please,please, please could you arrange for for Gatcombe, Great Holm to be a priority when the gritting process is being implemented. It appears that’s most of the other roads in Great Holm, Two Mile Ash and Loughton are gritted but not the above. Gatcombe is on a hill with a number of bends. It doesn’t receive any direct sunlight and is usually a a sheet of ice. Because residents park on both sides of the road it is sometimes nigh on impossible to negotiate ones way up to Kensington Drive. Both this year and last year I telephoned MKC but my request appears to have been ignored.
    Thank you.

    1. Joe. my understanding is that MK Council do not consider Gatcombe a priority and do not have it on their schedule. I will pass on your comment to Andy Dransfield and Don Hoyle who are the ward councillors and who perhaps ought to take this up with Mk Council. Whether they will do anything about this is another matter however and probably better I don’t comment further on that!

  2. Actually, on checking @twit4gritmk’s twitter feed, I note someone has raised Gatcombe with him and he says it is a priority 2 route and was gritted at 9.54 a few days ago. Have seen complaints before re Gatcombe though. It suggests emailing envservices@milton-keynes.gov.uk for a fuller response

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