Expansion plans at Loughton Manor First School

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Today 3 Parish Councillors, Peter Todd, Andy Lovett and Peter Ballantyne, visited the Head Teacher of Loughton Manor First School (Lizzie Bancroft) and Chair of Governors (Rachael Parkin) to discuss the current proposal to expand the school.

The current capacity of the school is 114 children, but there are currently 180 children at the school. The school is therefore extremely pressed for space and admit there is not the space which they would ideally like. The school does well however and was adjudged “Outstanding” by Oftsted on the last inspection in 2010.

The expansion plans will see the numbers of children rise to 270, i.e. an extra 90 children. We went to have a tour of the school and see where the new block will be built and what the impact on the surrounding area will be.

Only about 50% of children come from the Loughton area and there is sufficient capacity at present for Loughton children. The extra capacity enables more children to come to the school from outside the area.

Currently at drop-off and pick-up times the area around the school is grid-locked with traffic. This is bound to be significantly worsened by an extra (up to) 90 cars coming from out of area. Unfortunately the highways department seems to be working separately from the education department within Milton Keynes Council and there doesn’t seem to be a clear plan for how the parking issues would be addressed.

The issue will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 15th October when representatives of Milton Keynes Council will be present.


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