Expansion of Loughton Manor First School

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On 9th November, Councillor Ballantyne and I attended another meeting at MK Council to discuss the plans to expand Loughton Manor First School

MK Council had suggested the meeting to discuss the Parish Council’s concerns as set out in the letter we had sent following the attendance at the Parish Council.

In attendance was from MK Council was Marie Denny who is the officer responsible for school expansion, plus Mark Dolling, Head of Capital and Infrastructure at MK Council, plus Lizzie Bancroft, the Headteacher of the school and Rachel Parkin the Chair of Governors.

We discussed all the concerns we had expressed and they explained why they did not think these concerns were well justified.

On the concerns about parking, MK Council’s solution seems to be to use the parking facility at the Loughton Sports and Social Club. Councillor Ballantyne and I are concerned that the proposed solution will cause long term problems. I am concerned about safety as the room to manoevre cars in the car park is small and cars reversing whilst very small children are getting in and out of cars is a hazard. Given the numbers of cars arriving at peak times the car park is likely to become very congested and it could be difficult and slow to park. We suggested instead changing some of the parallel parking outside the school to horizontal parking; however it seems this is a high cost option and has been rejected. This is an issue which is likely to be contraversial in the forthcoming planning application.

The Parish Council would be interested to hear views of local residents as to any concerns they may have about the proposed expansion.



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