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EV Charger Enforcement

Have Your Say Today

MK City Council is making it easier for people to switch to electric vehicles by increasing the number of residential electric vehicle chargers. These chargers are intended for residential overnight charging so a vehicle is likely to be plugged into a charger for at least 8 hours at a time. At the moment the parking bays for these chargers are not enforced so can be used by any type of vehicle, either electric or combustion engine.
It has been over a year since we asked the local communities if they would like the Electric Vehicle (EV) bays in their neighbourhood to be enforced as “EV Only” bays and  as part of our commitment to monitoring opinion on this, we feel now, with the launch of our EV Transport survey and the start of more  residential charger installs, is a good time to ask for feedback again.

The consultation asks for opinion on specific named roads so that our citizens and Councillors   can respond to just the roads that interest them. The options on offer for enforcing the EV parking bays will be :

  1. Enforce all EV bays in named road
  2. Enforce 50% of EV bays in named road
  3. Enforce 1 bay in named road
  4. Do not enforce any bays in named road

Please use the following link to Have Your Say….

It is live from today for 6 weeks.


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