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The Parish Council helps to promote a clean and healthy environment in the Parish.

Dog BinsThe Council has installed and maintains 25 dog hygiene bins throughout the Parish and provides a service by employing a contractor to regularly empty the bins. These bins are located in Park areas including around Lodge Lake, in Loughton and at the Teardrop Lakes in Knowlhill.

Please contact us to report any problem with one of our bins. Or if you think that we should install an additional bin at another location please email us at parish.clerk@loughtonandgreatholm-pc.gov.uk to identify the location and explain why it is required.

The Parish Council has also installed ten large planters outside Loughton School. These planters were installed to prevent cars driving on or parking on the pavement. This had been a problem along Bradwell Road outside the school as cars attempted to pass each other at busy times and created a danger to children on their way to and from the school.

Dog Bin Location Map

AH Contracts - Parish bins map

The Parish Council also works with Milton Keynes Council and the Parks Trust with regards to graffiti removal, vandalism, litter, landscape maintenance and the state of the highways and footpaths in the Parish. If you are aware of a problem and wish to report it, please contact us

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