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Loughton Charities that Have Been Dissolved.

William Bynyon Charity

William Bynyon died on 14th May 1725 and in his will he left his house, a close of pasture and an acre of meadow and arable land to his kinsman Richard Lewis his heirs and assigns for ever subject to an annual payment of £5.

The property concerned was Church Farm, Loughton. The payment of £5 annually on the festival of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was to be made to the Trustees of the Charity to the putting out to apprentice some poor boy in Loughton Parish.

Subsequent schemes drawn up by the Charity Commissioners in 1879 and 1902 allowed the Trustees to make grants towards the outfit on entering a trade or occupation or into service of any poor person bona fide resident in the Parish of Loughton.

May apprentices were given grants for tools of trade and uniforms for girls going into service.

In 1987 the Milton Keynes Development Corporation having acquired the property redeemed the £5 per year by a lump sum of £50.

Under the 1993 Charities Act provision was made for spending the capital. The Charity was closed in 2000 as it no longer had any funds.

Loughton Coal Charities (Atthawes, Bignell and Whitworth)

In 1878 Mrs Whitworth gave £100; the income of which should be used for the support and maintenance of the Clothing and Coal Club established in Loughton or if the Club should cease to exist for the general benefit of the poor.

In the will of Mr F.G. Bignell dated 5th November 1903, he left £100 in trust. The income was for the occupants, for the time being, of the four Memorial Cottages on Christmas Eve for coal. In the will of Rev. J.T. Atthawes dated 15th May 1906, he left £100, the income of which was for the tenants, for the time being, of the four Victoria Memorial Cottages to be distributed on 28th June each year for coal.

Records prior to 1989 have been lost but, by this time, the three charities were combined in one bank account and known as the Loughton Coal Charities. The income from the Charity has been spent on the poor of the village.

Over the years, with a fixed income and rising prices of coal, the fuel was changed to logs for a period. However with the continual rise in prices, over the latter years, the Atthawes and Bignell incomes have been paid in cash to the occupiers of the Memorial Cottages at Christmas each year.

With a change in the law in 1993, the Trustees in 1994 asked the Charity Commissioners for permission to amalgamate the Atthawes, Bignell and Whitworth Charities into the larger Hugh Park Charity. The Commissioners refused permission but suggested that under Section 75 of the 1993 act the Trustees could apply to spend the capital of the charities as income.

The Trustees duly applied and the Charity Commissioners agreed in 1995. Since then the Trustees increased the Christmas payments for all three charities with final payments at Christmas 1997.

All three Charities are now closed.

Loughton Faggot Charity

This Charity derived from the time when parishioners had the right of cutting wood from the woods and commons of the Parish. The right was lost when the commons were enclosed under the Enclosure Award 1769.

The new owners of the lands paid 1/2p per acre towards providing fuel for every ·smoke holeº in the village.

The Clerk to the Trustees of the Charity collected the money and the Charity provided fuel for poor people who applied.

In 1980 the land was acquired by Milton Keynes Development Corporation who subsequently redeemed the payments of approximately £1.17 yearly by a lump sum of £25 in 1987.

No payments had been made since 1969 and the Trustees felt the Charity was too small to be viable. They informed the Charity Commissioners that they would close the Charity and distribute the remaining assets.

After twelve months no comment was received from the Charity Commissioners so at their meeting on December 14th 1990 the Trustees agreed that the £45.28 should be put into the Loughton Coal Charities account for distribution.

The Loughton Faggot Charity ceased to exist.