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Councillor Judith Heinemann


Judith has lived in Loughton with her family since 1989 and taught Modern Foreign Languages in our local school, Denbigh, for 22 years until 2014.  During her time there, she was a parent governor for several years and organised many extra curricular activities, including exchanges and work experiences to France, Germany and Spain.  

After losing her darling husband and following the isolation of the COVID pandemic, Judith looked at our local environment with fresh eyes and was shocked with what she saw.  Since then, her mission has been to lobby MK Council and the Parks Trust to stop using glyphosate (Roundup) on soft landscaping and to reduce their mowing schedules in order to improve our biodiversity.  

As a Parish Councillor, whose particular focus is the environment, Judith will seek to put nature at the heart of all decision making locally for the sake of our future generations.  She will continue to lobby MK Council, The Parks Trust and local schools to improve biodiversity and plant more trees (including fruit trees to increase the number of pollinators)

Please read Judith’s Register of Interests here.