Consultation over the Loughton Parking restrictions

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A letter, map and questionnaire is being delivered today by MK Council to consult with residents about the MK Council plans for the Loughton parking restrictions

As you may be aware, MK Council had planned to extend the parking restrictions to cover the whole of Loughton (except for London Road)

Due to complaints about the plans and a lack of consultation, MK Council then agreed to suspend the implementation and to consult with residents. There have been some discussions between the Parish Council and MK Council over the plans and we lobbied to ensure every dwelling in Loughton would be consulted.

Residents are therefore encourage to respond to the consultation and to express their views as to whether they think the parking restrictions should be extended to the whole of Loughton or not. At the moment the revised proposal is that they are not extended and the extension is restricted to a small area near Linceslade Grove west of Holm Gate.

All comments/feedback will be seriously considered and MK Council has agreed to consult with Loughton Parish Council on the responses before the conclusion is implemented.

We therefore are hoping for a large response to the consultation, from all residents interested in making sure the restrictions are appropriate


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