Loughton Conservation Area

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Milton Keynes has 27 conservation areas. A Conservation Area is described in law as “an area of special architectural or historic interest the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”.

The Loughton conservation area was designated on the 8th February 1978 and covers 12.654 hectares.

The current “Conservation statement” says this :-

“Loughton is a village of assumed Anglo Saxon origin, located in a slight valley draining gently northwards to the Great Ouse. Originally two villages, Great and Little Loughton, depopulation and subsequent development over a period of time has created one village with two loosely connected centres.

The main part of the village, near the church, overlooks a large Green, sloping away to the south west. The cottages and farm buildings around the church are closely grouped and inward looking, with the larger houses facing down over the Green towards the hidden former hamlet of Little Loughton.

What remains of the medieval village of Little Loughton lies on lower land on the other side of the Bradwell Road, and because of this is (sic) has kept a slight physical independence. Here, substantial farmhouses with thatched and tiled roofs line a smaller willow-lined green.

The area of Loughton proposed for conservation includes the nucleus of Loughton village around the church, Manor Farm and Green, and the roads linking the two areas. The character of Loughton is that of a traditional North Buckinghamshire village, being constructed largely of local limestone with thatch or tiles. The village lanes are of a very rural scale and style being narrow and banked and crowded by either the cottages, stone walls or hedges.

Destined to be immediately to the east of the new city centre, the presence of local materials, stone, tile and thatch, and the willow-lined brooks and banked lanes, form the essence of the character of this village”

This statement was somewhat outdated and the Parish Council then sought that a new updated Conservation Area review and appraisal was carried out and an updated Conservation statement was adopted by the planning authority, Milton Keynes Council.

You can read the Loughton Consultation Area Review document here

The Parish Council carried out an extensive local consultation on the proposals in 2013 and prepared a consultation statement of the outcome of the consultation. You can read this statement here

Milton Keynes Council adopted the new Loughton Conservation Area and you can access a map of the Conservation Area from Here



















It is therefore presently envisaged that the new conservation area statement will be effective in February 2015.

More information about the Milton Keynes conservation areas can be found on the Milton Keynes Council Conservation and Archeology webpage.