Badminton centre redevelopment

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The National Badminton Centre has announced plans to sell off its site for development so it can relocate away from Loughton Parish. The following information has been received. This is subject to planning permission

  • §         We are committed to supporting MK Council to achieve its ambition to present MK as an International Sporting City.

We have outgrown the Centre in Loughton and are searching to relocate to a site that enables the sport to continue to grow its participation, performance and commercial base.

The redevelopment project will:

§         Enable us to increase the provision for community badminton from 8 courts to 16 courts. We currently enjoy one of the highest uses of badminton halls anywhere in the UK (92%) and the demand of courts more than exceeds the supply. This increase will address this issue.

§         Prevent us from turning clubs away who want to base themselves at the National Badminton Centre (NBC) – we currently have to turn away an average 6 clubs per month.

§         Seeking to attract at least one other National Governing Body into MK as a partner of the facility (discussions are underway with England Netball and British Fencing. Additionally, discussions have also begun with the Lawn Tennis Association regarding the potential build of a Community Indoor Tennis facility on the proposed site.

§         Increase the community sport offering by hosting a range of netball opportunities.

§         Deliver a minimum 2000 seat Arena that not only creates one of the best World Class training centres in the World but will see the centre host National, European and International level events to MK.

§         Also enable us to market the Arena to many other sports who are crying out for an Arena with the seating capacity we are proposing.

§         Not compete with any other facility in MK – it will compliment other sporting venues in the City and those proposed on the site of MK Bowl.

§         Enable us to increase the community usage across a range of ages from school children to many 50+ clubs who base themselves at the NBC.

§         Enable us to extend the Health Club provision which will also include a swimming pool (not competition pool).

§         Retain the provision of athlete accommodation.

The Board of Directors of BADMINTON England – at its meeting on 28th August 2012, the Board approved the recommendations of the Feasibility Study which was commissioned in January 2012 to consider the options for redevelopment. At this moment in time, the study has not considered options outside of MK.

We are proposing to increase the building from 5000sq m to circa 12,500 sq m – the NBC currently delivers a significant surplus and the business plan behind the project will demonstrate further sustainability.


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  1. The post mentions “sporting venues … proposed on the site of the MK Bowl”. Do you know what these proposals are?

    1. possibly training pitches for MK Dons?

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