Attendance at licensing sub- committee on Wednesday 27th November 2013

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A number of Loughton residents and Parish Councillor Zoë Nolan attended and spoke at the licensing sub – committee on 27th November  2013 telling of the noise and vibrations from BuszyMK, a premises in Central Milton Keynes situated in the bus station. The licensing subcommittee where reviewing the license given to Make a Difference (MAD) for live music etc at BuszyMK following complaints about the noise and vibrations.

After four hours of deliberations and hearing from a number of interested parties including residents in Loughton, a police officer, environmental health officer, experts in sounds with endless graphs with different coloured lines and the barrister representing the licence holder who had a lot of points about procedure, it was agreed that additional restrictions would be applied to the licence due to the noise nuisance.

The exact details are available on the Milton Keynes web site but to summarise briefly from my understanding:

The licence was not revoked- nobody was asking for this to happen in spite of what was written in the local press. Loughton residents acknowledged the good work done for young people by Make a Difference (MAD) and just wanted the noise nuisance to stop.

A comprehensive noise assessment of the BuszyMK building is to be carried out. This will pick out all the places where noise can escape and make its way to Loughton and on some occasions to Heelands, a mile away.  BuszyMK would have to rectify the building within an agreed timescale.

Licensing committee want sound limiting devices used to stop noise nuisance to properties suffering from BuszyMK noise which is good news for Loughton.  We learnt that different properties can have very different experiences from noise nuisance. Properties next door to each other can suffer very differently depending on a whole range of factors such as double glazing, building materials in the house, trees or the weather.  Bass beats travel further than other sort of noise.

Outside entertainment at BuszyMK would now have to stop at 8pm instead of 10pm.

Some of the Loughton residents and myself spoke to the young people and others from BusbyMK and MAD. They are invited to attend as a member of the public to the next Parish Council meeting and to engage and have better communication between the venue and the residents who are suffering. It was very encouraging to see this and it is hopeful that it can lead to a quicker resolution when there are problems.

There is concern about the outside entertainment at BuszyMK. While it was agreed that the entertainment which is outside would not go on after 8 o’clock it still means that the noise nuisance would be on all day for the days in the summer when this is scheduled. There are around five of these any year.

Time will tell if BuszyMK reduces the noise levels and the issue will be on the Parish Council agenda for the December meeting and we will continue to work to get a good and sustainable result.

Councillor Zoe Nolan Loughton and Great Holm Parish Council  28th November 2013


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