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Loughton & Great Holm Parish Council has allotments (with a water supply) available to residents located off Greenhill Close, in the south west corner of Loughton grid square.

There is a second small site off Pitcher Lane, Loughton.

Allotment Fees

Residents living in the Parish:                 £22 a plot and £11 half plot
Residents living outside of the Parish:    £44 a plot and £22 half plot

Allotment Rules

The Parish Council has established rules for its allotments under section 28 of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908. To view the allotment rules click this blue link.

An aerial view of Loughton Parish Council allotments in Milton Keynes




layout of the Greenhills Close allotment site.








Crops in Loughton Parish council allotments



Please contact the Parish Clerk for further information.