Loughton School has a Professional Weather Station

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Loughton School has a professional weather station that transmits weather data from their roof to the web site (see link below) pretty much in real time and, yes, you can check the weather here wherever you can get online.

Watch and interact with Loughton School’s 24/7 real time and recorded information on the Energy Watch portal.

Loughton School has installed a sophisticated energy monitoring system that feeds almost-real-time information into this online portal. Loughton School believes it is very important that their students can learn how weather and real-world energy use are related, like in their own school.

The electricity use by Loughton School is being monitored 24/7 so you can learn about its daily and seasonal patterns of energy consumption. You can see a chart with the past few days’ electricity consumption. The first thing you may notice is the weekly pattern. Can you identify the weekends?

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