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We are looking into the possibility of reducing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on all roads within Loughton and Great Holm but we need your feedback!

Please vote on the survey attached. Your responses will help us make a decision going forward.

Thank you.


  • Yes please. Cars drive past the local schools in Loughton far too fast, even during busy periods. I have seen several near misses with cars driving fast past schools nearly hitting young children.

  • Traffic calming measures near the schools may be an option, but there is absolutely no need to reduce the speed to 20mph across the whole 2 estates!
    How long until cars are forced to drive at walking speed because parents aren’t teaching their kids road safety?

  • its a hard NO from me, schools yes the rest of the area its a “NO” – we might as well start giving horse to people, this is a massive overstretch by none public elected bodies, In fact we should “stop” the parish council.

    • Matt

      Thank you for your comment.

      We will only be moving this project forward if 70% or more of the respondents to the survey are in agreement, so please be assured that our residents will be deciding if this project goes ahead not the Parish Council alone.

      Paula (Parish Clerk)

  • Wouldn’t it be smarter and cheaper to enforce a 20mph speed limit during school pick up and drop off times. Just trying to consider all road users that may have to travel before and after these times.

  • Quite a few vehicles including delivery vans drive far to fast on the roads in Loughton.
    I even see some parents drive far to fast at school collection tome in the afternoon, probably being late in collecting the kids from school!

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