2020 meetings

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Calendar of meetings for 2020-2021

The agendas and minutes of all Parish Council meetings are published. Click on the links to view the information for each meeting.

The Parish Council has adopted Standing Orders for how meetings are run and to make sure it meets statutory requirements. Each committee also has terms of reference as follows:

Planning Committee

Finance and Staffing Committee

Premises Committee

Full Council

20/01/2020 Agenda Minutes

17/02/2020 Agenda minutes

16/03/2020 Agenda minutes

27/04/2020 Agenda – meeting cancelled

20/04/2020 Agenda minutes

18/05/2020 annual meeting Agenda minutes

15/06/2020 Agenda minutes

20/07/2020 Agenda draft Minutes

21/09/2020 Agenda draft minutes

19/10/2020 Agenda draft minutes

16/11/2020 Agenda draft minutes

21/12/2020 Agenda draft minutes

Planning Committee

January 06/01/2020 Agenda Minutes

June 01/06/20 Agenda Minutes

August 03/08/20 Agenda draft Minutes

September 2020 07/09/20 Agenda draft Minutes

October 2020 05/10/20 Agenda draft Minutes

November 2020 02/22/20 Agenda draft Minutes

December 2020 21/12/20 Agenda draft Minutes

Finance and Staffing Committee

March 2020 09/03/2020 meeting inquorate

April 2020 27/04/2020 Agenda draft Minutes

June 2020 08/06/2020 Agenda draft minutes

September 2020 14/09/20 Agenda draft Minutes

December 2020 14/12/20 Agenda draft Minutes

Premises Committee

February 10/02/20 Agenda draft Minutes

September 02/09/20 Agenda draft Minutes